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HORLEYS Awesome Mass
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Awesome MASS is a specialised weight-gainer that offers all the nutrients you need to fuel quality mass gains. Awesome Mass is the original anabolic formula.

  • Loaded with full spectrum whey proteins and short chain peptides
  • Quality carbohydrates (no simple sugars)
  • Nutrient boosters like yeast and lecithin
  • Maintenance dose (4.5g) of creatine (3 serves per day)
  • Energy dense medium-chain triglycerides, which boost the calorie count but are metabolised like carbohydrates, minimising fat storage potential more protein, less sugar than most weight gainers


Awesome Mass Gainer can be taken with or between main meals. Use up to 3 times daily for maximum benefit. To boost the energy value of your Awesome Mass shake, you can add other foods, for example:

Add a medium banana = 30g carbohydrates, 1g protein

Add 3 tablespoons of fruit yoghurt = 14 carbohydrate, 5g protein

Add a whole egg = 0g carbohydrates, 6g protein

If you have not used a nutrient dense supplement like Awesome Mass before, start with a half size serving per day for five days before increasing to a full serving. Recommended maximum daily intake is three servings.


  • Younger trainers, or those struggling to maintain body weight
  • Initial phase of a 12-week program to feed fast new muscle development
  • Supporting a sizing-up phase for more experienced trainers
  • Off-season mass gains for athletes who play weight graded sports
  • Sports people who expand large amounts of energy and don't have time to recover with full meals

Available in two flavours and three sizes:

NC/HL4290 @ NC/HL4291 - Awesome Mass Vanilla Deluxe @ Double Chocolate - 750g (10 serves)

NC/HL4293 @ NC/HL4294 - Awesome Mass Vanilla Deluxe @ Double Chocolate - 1.5kg (20 serves)

NC/HL4297 @ NC/HL4298 - Awesome Mass Vanilla Deluxe @ Double Chocolate - 3.0kg (40 serves)

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