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Mass Gain Factor 4100
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Mass Gain Factor 4100 is a formula for all body builders and people who want to put on quality weight.

  • Consists of approximately 60% carbohydrate and 30% protein and has a low content of fat (approx. 1.7%)
  • Packed with high quality vitamins and minerals for essential lean mass production


  • Anabolic formula
  • Virtually no fat
  • Creatine, Taurine and Glutamine enriched
  • High protein concentration
  • Contains Inulin as prebiotics - high in fiber and has B-vitamins production properties


Mix 2 scoops of Gain Factor with 250ml whole milk. Have 1-2 glasses of these drinks each day. Do not reduce your regular food intake. Gain Factor tastes great either with milk or water. Preparation may be done either with a spoon or blender. You may mix with fruits like banana for added calories.


Bodybuilders, weightlifters, mountain climbers, rugby players, wrestler, gymnasts, hardgainers

Available in 2 flavours and 2 sizes:

EE/0013 - Mass Gain Factor 4100 Chocolate 1kg 

EE/0019 - Mass Gain Factor 4100 Vanilla 1kg

EE/0020 - Mass Gain Factor 4100 Chocolate 500g

EE/0021 - Mass Gain Factor 4100 Vanilla 500g

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