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Fit - Ball » Ergonomics Therapy
Gymnic Classic
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Stock Status : In stock
Product Code : GC/95.45/55/65/75
Color : Red , Blue , Yellow
Dimension : 45cm / 55cm / 65cm / 75cm
Total Views : 892
Gymnic Classic Balls offers the best and most intelligent form of exercise. In application includes Pyhsical Therapy, Sports and Gymnastics. This is based on the well known and renowed Bobat Method which is used in the rehabilitation and physical therapy offices the world over. In short, Gymnic Classic offers the execellent and convenient way to move for getting in shape, while having fun in maintaining health / fitness. Its other uses include dance and body movement aerobics weight loss.This has also specific fitness programs for kids including dynamic sitting for correct position. The ball is of heavy duty and its capacity to with stand ranges up to 600 Lbs.
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