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Disc 'o' Sit
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Stock Status : In stock
Product Code : GC/89.11
Color : Purple , Cobalt Blue
Dimension : 39cm
Total Views : 995

The Disc'O' Sit is a round inflatable dynamic cushion from Gymnic. It can be used in a variety of ways including for sitting, for floor activities and / or in conjunction with a ball to promote strength, balance and sensory integration, for standing activities and even hydrotherapy - the uses are limited only by your imagination!

Added to any seat, the Disc'O' Sit encourages trunk activity, helping users an uprght sitting posture and strengthen postural suppport muscles in the trunk. It is a more dynamic alternative to the Movin' Sit.

The Disc'O' Sit encourages static anatomical seating while mimicking the dymanic seating motion of a therapy ball. The wedge shape encourages a seated posture with a forward pelvic position and good upper trink posture and alignment. As the user shifts their weight, the wedge will change shape too - active participation is required to dynamically maintain upright sitting. The wedge surface is textured with small bumps, which tend to heighten sensory awareness and give firm feedback to the user.

Disc'O' Sit can be used as a wedge in a chair; to improve posture during floor sitting; or even upright in achair as a back support.

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